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We created our Temple Oil to ATTRACT & AMPLIFY Healing Energies.
This aromatherapy blend is a healing elixir infused with Sacred Essences.
It imbues a healing space with a profound peacefulness and facilitates an open, receptive mood in your clients so that they can receive True Healing.

Temple Oil is an original, hand-blended fragrance oil noted for its unique essence… a synergistic blend of some of the world’s most sacred scents, combining sandalwood, frankincense, patchouli & nag champa in a jojoba base.

Think incense in sacred places … both earthy and ethereal, with just the right touch of sweetness combining in a full body fragrance that can be worn or diffused and enjoyed by both women and men.

There have been many cases of profound shifts occurring in patients while receiving massage when Temple Oil was used.

Temple Oil comes to you in a 10 mL bottle of pure bliss. Spill-proof dripulator/plug.


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